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Sanki Global’s products are formulated by a team of doctors, biochemists, and scientists. Our laboratory, Sanki Mayor, is focused on bringing innovations that support and enhance nutrition and health. Our research continues to show that the body is the ultimate tool for creating lasting health. The 10DX System emphasizes body detoxification, which allows the body to produce more energy and be healthier

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There are no trophies given here, no press conferences for everyday life, but we are athletes. We come in all ages, sexes, and sizes. Are definition of an athlete might be different than yours, but make no mistake about it, We are Athletes

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Jolyn is a 42-year-old women who lost 7 pounds during the Sanki Fit Challenge. She is a busy mother, and working out was a struggle at the beginning of the challenge. But as she kept at it, things got easier and she felt stronger. She liked the taste of BelAge and Kronuit. And BelAge gave her a boost of energy, which is what she needed as a busy mother. She plans on continuing to live this new Sanki Fit lifestyle.
Crystal is a 45-year-old women who lost 24 pounds in 12 weeks during the Sanki Fit Challenge! Now, she has more energy and feels better, thanks to Sanki Global’s products – Belage and Kronuit – which are easy to take. Now that she has lost some weight and is feeling better, people commented about the glow that she has. She likes being more active and loves to loves to hear people tell her that she looks good. Thank you Sanki Fit.
Judy is a 56-year-old woman and lost lost 14 pounds in 12 weeks during the Sanki Fit Challenge. During the challenge, she found that BelAge and Kronuit were easy to take, and she feels better and has more energy. She used to take ibuprofen every day because of pain she was having. Not now! With the products and exercising she’s seen real results!

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