50 years ago, the Sanki scientists began studying the Centenarian peopleof Okinawa, Japan.

Centenarians live to be 100 years old and beyond, and are said to have the
longest lifespans, with the least prevalent, age-related diseases in the

After decades of analysis, scientific research, and development;
The Sankiformulas were created, utilizing primitive ingredients, most-easily
recognized by the human body.

This is important, because what the body recognizes, it can absorb.


Intelligent energy

  • REACTIVE antioxidants for your body.
  • INCREASES the production of energy naturally.
  • IMPROVES the circulation of blood.
  • INCREASES hydration at the cellular level.

Active ingredient: Orisod Enzyme III™, capable of acting within the interior of cells and mitochondria. Made with purified extracts of rosemary and olive100% natural, without contraindications. Without sugar, sweetened with Stevia.


Intelligent Thermogenesis

  • REDUCES the absorption of calories, sugars, and carbohydrates.
  • INCREASES thermogenesis in the body for removing fatty tissue.
  • PROTECTS against oxidation from gastric digestion.
  • HELPS to lower blood sugar levels.

Active ingredient: TOG™ (Green Tea Polyphenol), NRA™ (Oxylia Night Reset) and ADS™ (Advanced Delivery System). Made with black beanoliverosemary, and green tea100% natural, without contraindications. Without sugar, sweetened with Stevia.


Intelligent Balance

  • IMPROVES the mechanisms of our natural defenses.
  • CONTRIBUTES to the PH balance of the body.
  • ENCOURAGES relaxation and revitalization.
  • RETRIVES essential minerals for your body..

Enriched with magnesium, VITA-METABOLITES™ and bio-minerals from concentrated deep seawater (321 m depth). 100% natural, without contraindications.


Intelligent Balance


  • NOURISHES the microbiota and supplements our metabolites.
  • IMPROVES the absorption of protein by 20%.
  • INCREASES fat oxidation.
  • PROVIDES energy to the trillions of mitochondria.

Active ingredient: Bovia™, a revolutionary formula that contains 596 VITA – METABOLITES different from the cocoa. The 596 VITA-METABOLITES™ balances the intestinal flora to generate new nutrients.