Dr. Franco Taylor


He is a “don’t do as I say, but do as I do”, no-nonsense health guru who has spent thirty-eight years in search of the “right” stuff for a person’s total health.  In 1980, he became dedicated to his own health after suffering from headaches, bone and skin ailments and, later, erectile dysfunction. His family members, also, suffered from ailments as strokes, heart disease, colon dysfunctions, cancers, renal difficulties; his son was born 24 weeks* early and is multiple disabled, which forced him to research neurological complications and cerebral palsy. 

Dr. Taylor delivered four of his nine children, himself, at home, with the last one being an emergency delivery*. His quest for the “right” stuff for ultimate health started with biblical research to understand God’s plan for health. After forsaking the American diet plan and adapting a strict vegan diet, his own health problems disappeared; his regret is that he could not save his father, whose swift death from an aneurysm spurred him to forsake his plans to become a medical doctor, and to pursue a naturopathic study toward health.  Spending thirteen years travelling as a “health evangelist”, living in homes and learning hands-on natural health modalities such as steam treatments, applications of hot and cold, clay baths and packs, massage, herbal formulas, and plant-based supplements allowed him to witness 90-95% of the sick folks get better, when they accepted and adopted the natural way of healing. He had, at last, found the “right stuff”, based, mainly, on the eight basic tenants of the B.I.B.L.E.W.A.Y. to Health.

Who is he? He is a noted businessman, master baker and food designer. In his businesses, Franco’s Fine Foods and the Right Stuff Health Store, he produces an all-natural food line and an all-natural supplement line. He is listed in the National Register of Who’s Who in Executives and Business for the year 2001. This bible believing and practicing Christian man received his formal training in the public school systems of Chicago, Illinois and Memphis, Tennessee. After graduating from Central High School in Memphis, he studied pre-med at Maryville College in Maryville, Tennessee. After receiving his call into this ministry, he studied under the direct tutorage of God through His Word. Also, he assisted at various health sanatoriums (lastly, the Centurion Bible School of Health, in Cypress Inn, Tennessee) to acquire practical experience. His other educational pursuits have included acquiring a Bachelor of Holistic Health and Nutrition (B.H.H.N.) and a Master’s degree in Herbalism (M.H.). He recently achieved the coveted distinction of Naturopathic Doctor (N.D.). and serves as a Health Practitioner. He was nominated and selected, and he received the President’s Lifetime Achievement Award, also known as the PVSA, or the President’s Volunteer Service Award for 2017.

For the past thirty-six years, Bro. Franco (who also has a Doctor of Divinity degree) has delivered the good news of the health message by conducting seminars and health revivals for individuals, businesses and churches in the United States and abroad, including the Philippines, Jamaica, and Canada. Through this act of evangelism many souls are saved as they come to a greater knowledge and understanding that God ‘wishes above all that they be in health and prosper, even as their souls prosper’.

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